Brexit: what now with Polish and British passport for Polish child born in UK?

Many Poles living in UK ask: “Can I apply for a British passport for my child born abroad?” Have you been applying for a British passport for a child born abroad already? A lot has changed for Polish families living on the Isles since Great Britain left the European Union. One of important aspects to take into consideration is applying for a Polish passport for a child born in UK. This process consists of several stages but there are sources and instructions which can help you handle it step by step. A detailed guidebook pertaining to this process can be found, among others, on

Why do you need a Polish passport for a child born in UK?

After Great Britain left the European Union and the transition period is over, the British can no longer exercise the right of free movement within the European Union. Consequently, a Polish passport is now needed if parents want to travel abroad with their child born in the UK. Sometimes boarder guards turn a blind eye to absence of Polish documents when it comes to children of Polish citizens, who also automatically become citizens of our country. Nevertheless, a border guard has a right to demand an identity document or a passport. A Polish infant may be able to enter Poland but without possibility to leave the country in case of its parents failure to present the document. Therefore, it is worth applying for a Polish passport for a child born in UK, if you plan to visit your family or friends and then return to Great Britain.

Translation of a British birth certificate

The first step in the process of getting a Polish passport for a child born in UK is to get a translation of a British birth certificate into Polish. This document is indispensable in order to apply for a Personal Identification Number (PESEL) assigned to a child. The PESEL number is necessary to apply for a Polish passport for a child.

Applying for the PESEL number

After submission of a translated birth certificate with the Registry Office, the parent (or legal guardian) must apply for having the PESEL number assigned to the child (as it is required to get a Polish passport). The entire process is also described on, where you can find all the necessary information and forms to be filled in.

Applying for a Polish passport in UK

The last step is applying for a Polish passport for a child. But how to get a passport in England? Once you obtain PESEL, you can apply for passport at the nearest Polish consulate or embassy. It is worth noting that Polish authorities pay increasingly more attention to a necessity of holding Polish identity document by a child born abroad. Even if you have been living abroad for a longer period of time and had your child born abroad, returning to Poland may become an option to be considered; thus, it is worth thinking about applying for passport for your child. And how long does it take to get a passport in England? It shouldn’t take longer than 6 to 8 weeks (unless your case is unusual). You will be informed about the estimated delivery date by the consular officer. And you can also trace your application online to verify its current status.

British passport for a child born abroad

How to apply for a British passport for a child born abroad? A child born in the UK acquires British citizenship automatically, if at the time of his or her birth, the child’s parents hold a status of permanent residents or one of several analogous statuses. However, foreigners rarely apply for such annotations which results in a necessity to apply for citizenship on behalf of a child. Frequently, it is necessary to present additional documents and prove one’s professional and social situation during the process. Why do parents care about obtaining British citizenship for their child and thereby for applying for a British passport for their child? Most often it is forward thinking about returning to the UK for educational and professional purposes. It is worth reminding that even though students from the European Union have now access to education within so-called “domestic fee,” it may change in the future for the benefit of citizens of Great Britain only.

Passport translation

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