§ 1

Jacek Kasprzyk Kancelaria Tłumacza Przysięgłego Języka Angielskiego renders its services in accordance with these “Terms and Conditions for translation services”, hereinafter referred to as Terms and Conditions, and with observance of the principles defined in the Code of a Sworn Translator. These Terms and Conditions define the principles for rendering of services by Jacek Kasprzyk Kancelaria Tłumacza Przysięgłego Języka Angielskiego, hereinafter referred to as the Contractor, to any parties (legal persons, natural persons and organizational entities without legal personality), hereinafter referred to as the Principal.

§ 2

The Contractor provides translation, interpreting and other services (proof-reading, certification and other) hereinafter referred to as the Order.

§ 3

The scope of services and detailed conditions for their performance shall be determined for each and every Order by the Principal and the Contractor, hereinafter referred to as the Parties. The Parties agree on detailed conditions for the Order in person, orally (by telephone) or in writing (by post or E-mail). The Order shall be made in writing (including electronic means of communication) and determine the conditions specified by the Parties (including, but not limited to date of delivery, subject of the Order, estimated price) and contact data of the Principal. The Order is deemed to be accepted with the moment of confirmation of its acceptance by the Contractor.

§ 4

The Contractor renders his services on working days. Working days are all days with the exception of Saturdays, Sundays and legal holidays. The period for execution of the Order does not include the day, on which acceptance of the Order has been made and the day, on which the Order is to be delivered. Execution of the Order in standard mode means translation of up to 5 pages per day and in express mode – from 6 to 10 pages per day. Interpreting services are calculated pursuant to hours of work. Each started hour shall be calculated as complete hour. In case of the Order executed outside Wrocław, the cost of transport (there and back) shall be paid by the Principal. The Contractor shall bear no responsibility for his non-appearance at the place determined by the Parties caused by force majeure.

§ 5

The Order is delivered on time if it is delivered to the Principal on the date of delivery or if it is ready to be collected by the Principal on the said date.

§ 6

The price of translation is based on number of translation pages. In case of certified translations one page consists of 1125 characters and in case of other translations – 1500 characters. A character means any alphanumeric and punctuation character, including spaces. Estimate calculation of the Order’s price is made on the basis of original text and is accepted by the Principal when the Order is submitted. The real price of the Order may differ from its estimate calculation and is established on the basis of actual number of pages of translation. The Principal shall pay the price for actual number of pages of translation. The estimate calculation shall be made only to determine approximate value of the Order. The minimum calculation unit for certified translations and other translations is 1 page.

§ 7

Any reservations pertaining to the Order shall be communicated by to the Contractor in writing within 7 days from the date of delivery. Upon elapse of the said deadline the Principal shall lose his entitlement resulting from any defects in the Order.

§ 8

The Principal may withdraw from the Order after it has been submitted but shall pay the equivalent of a price for the translation made until the Contractor has been notified of such decision and acknowledged receipt of such a decision. Any financial liability of the Contractor shall be limited to the amount of net price of the Order. The Contractor bears no liability for any defects in the Order executed in the express mode but shall remove such defects within reasonable period. Cancelling of interpreting services by the Principal on the day on which the services are to be rendered does not release the Prinicipal from their duty to pay the agreed price. Cancelling of interpreting services by the Principal not later than 24 hours before execution of the Order shall result in forfeiture of advance payment to the benefit of the Contractor.

§ 9

The Contractor reserves the right to increase the price due to:
– execution of the Order in express mode – 150% of the basic price,
– translation of a text consisting of specialist terminology and phraseology (specialist translation) – 150% of the basic price,
– translation of a text that is difficult to read due to its poor legibility, poor quality of the copy or a handwritten text – 150% of the basic price.

§ 10

Certified translations shall be delivered to the Principal only as hard copy. Other translations are delivered to the Principal in electronic form and/or hard copy.

§ 11

The Contractor reserves the right to amend the provisions herein at any time.