Translation of a foreign driving license into Polish

Are you coming back to Poland after a long stay in an English-speaking country where you already had your vehicles and drove them using foreign driving license? Or have you been using a Polish driving license in UK assuming that driving in UK on foreign license is ok? Are you wondering if you need a foreign driving license conversion? Is American driving license valid in Poland? What does an exception pertaining to a driving license issued in UK consist in? How to have your driving license translated best? Here is a hint!

Foreign driving license in Poland

It doesn’t matter whether you come back for good or plan to stay longer than a few months, it is necessary to apply for a Polish driving license. Driving on a foreign license in Poland is allowed only for a limited time just as driving on a foreign license in the UK or the USA. In Poland, both British as well as American driving licenses are valid only for 185 days (that is, approximately half a year) from the day when you cross the border. If you want to drive a vehicle or a motorcycle lawfully, you must convert foreign driving license to a Polish one before elapse of this period. Interestingly, this obligation does not apply to a situation when a document comes from another EU Member State, Switzerland or the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) being a party to the agreement on the European Economic Area. Similarly to the first case, a driving license issued in Great Britain by 31st December 2020 also entitles you to drive a vehicle throughout its entire validity period (in this case driving with foreign license in Poland is allowed for as long as in UK).

How to convert foreign driving license (UK/US) to a Polish one?

What if no exceptions apply to you and you will be required to go through bureaucracy? Employees of the local Commune Office or County Office corresponding to your place of residence should be able to help you. If you plan to stay for longer, think about handling the formalities in advance. Due to safety and verification procedures, conversion of a foreign driving license lasts up to several months. It is necessary to prepare your foreign driving license, identity document and document entitling you to stay in Poland (with their photocopies attached). You will also need your photo, stamp duty payment confirmation, two declarations, residence registration certificate, application and consent under GDPR. Translation of a driving license into Polish made by a sworn (certified) translator is the last, but not the least important of all the documents to be submitted.

Translation of a driving license into Polish – certified translation only

Your new British driving license, as well as a document issued in the USA must be translated in a certified form. Trying to avoid the expense is not the best idea because a standard (non-certified) translation will be rejected by a clerk and consequently you will have to visit the office again. The translation process is subject to certain formal requirements: a sworn translator requires delivery of the original document for inspection and makes a copy thereof. Afterwards, translation of your driving license is certified to be a true copy of the original document.


If you are returning to Poland for good (or for a period exceeding six months), you will have to apply for a Polish driving license (even if driving in UK with foreign license was absolutely legal). One of the obligatory attachments is a certified translation of your foreign driving license. We specialize in translating a driving license into Polish and we would be more than happy to help. Feel free to contact the Office of the Sworn Translator of the English Language Jacek Kasprzyk. We will answer all your questions and handle your case efficiently.
Jacek Kasprzyk
Sworn Translator of the English Language in Wrocław