Apartment rental agreement – why is it good to prepare an English version for a foreigner?

In which language shall we prepare a rental agreement concluded with a foreigner? What are the reasons behind drawing up an English rental agreement? In what manner does an occasional rental agreement concluded with a foreigner secure risks connected with this particular type of rental? Why is it worth the trouble to have an apartment rental agreement for a foreigner translated by a sworn translator? We encourage you to read this article to find the answers to those questions.

What is a rental agreement?

A rental agreement is a legally binding contract concluded between the landlord (the owner of a real property) and a tenant, that is a person who wants to temporarily occupy a room or live in the property. A standard rental agreement contains provisions such as identification of the parties and the property itself, the amount of rental fee, duration of the agreement and rules for its termination and, needless to say, rights and obligations of the parties (e.g. repairs of the property and maintenance responsibilities, limitations regarding guest and visitors, whether pets are allowed in the apartment or not, circumstances in which the landlord may enter the rented premises, which party pays for the utilities etc.).

UK lease agreement or UK rental agreement – basic facts and differences

Some people ask what is the difference between lease and rent. The answer is: the length of tenancy. Rental agreement is concluded for a short period of time and can be renewed on a month by month basis. For this reason, rental agreement is a great choice for students, tourists or anyone who favours flexibility and short commitment. On the other hand, apartment lease agreement is a long-term agreement concluded for several months or even years and is the best option if you want to settle down but cannot afford to buy your own apartment or house yet. Another difference between lease and rental refers to terms and conditions. While in rental agreement any provision can be changed at the end of a 30-day period, the terms and conditions of apartment lease agreement cannot be changed until the end of lease unless upon written consent of both parties.

Renting an apartment to foreigners – language of the agreement

The provisions of law do not impose obligation of translating a rental agreement concluded with a foreigner who does not know the Polish language sufficiently. Nevertheless, logic dictates to sign a document which is understandable for both parties. Apartment rental agreement concluded with a foreigner and prepared in a language known to both parties is needed for the purpose of:

  • understanding terms and conditions of the agreement,
  • ensuring transparency of arrangements,
  • avoiding misunderstanding,
  • submitting a tenancy agreement for visa application purposes,
  • facilitating legal interpretation in case of disputes.

English-version of a rental agreement concluded with a foreigner?

In Poland, renting an apartment to a foreigner most frequently pertains to accommodation for a citizen of Ukraine, Korea, Spain or India. Polish-English or even English-only version of apartment rental agreement is a frequently used procedure as regards the choice of language. Where does a decision to select English as the language of the agreement come from?

We often assume that English is the language of global communication in the contemporary world. Thus, important documents between representatives of various nations are prepared, upon mutual consent, with the use of this lingua franca.

Renting an apartment to a foreigner – translation of agreements

When one of the parties to an apartment rental agreement is a foreigner, document translation ensures full comprehension of all clauses and terms and conditions. The language of the law used in agreements can constitute a challenge even for persons who can speak a given language fluently. Translation of agreements into language understood by both parties helps to avoid misunderstandings and conflicts in the future.

Why certified translation?

In times when everyone can find a document on the Internet by simply googling phrases such as “flat rental agreement template” or “uk rental agreement template”, it might seem that professional translator’s services are no longer needed. However, each situation is different and individual requirements may not be included in a template available online.

Additionally, a sworn translator is a person who obtained relevant qualifications and has broad experience in official translation of documents (UK and USA legal documentation included). Thus, the content of an agreement will be translated precisely and faithfully, eliminating the risk of interpretative errors. So certified translations (UK or Poland) are the best and most reliable option for an expatriate who plans to rent a flat in Poland.

Occasional rental agreement for a foreigner

People offering apartments for rental to foreigners often make use of so-called occasional rental agreement. It is a short term apartment rental usually used for tourists or students which includes a statement that a tenant will have a place to live once the occasional rental agreement is terminated or expires. Risk connected with renting an apartment to a foreigner results from lack of permanent place of residence and relatives to whom a tenant could move in after termination of the contract.

To minimise this risk, it is necessary to verify the identity of a person and make sure that the occasional rental agreement (in English only or bilingual version) clearly specifies the terms and conditions applicable. If the landlord doesn’t know how to write a rental agreement, he can also make use of services offered by a professional lawyer or a real estate agent.

To find out more about renting an apartment in Poland as a foreigner, see:

Polish-English rental agreement – recommended translator

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