Who needs a translation of PIT, P60 and P45 tax returns and when?

In the contemporary global world many people may encounter a necessity to translate tax documents into English. In particular, Polish citizens who work or pursue business activity abroad may need to get their P60, P45 or PIT translation. In order to avoid mistakes and make sure that English version of your documents issued by the tax office will be reliable and legally valid, it is a good decision to order certified translations (UK or Poland) from a sworn translator.

When can you need a translation of your PIT tax return from English?

Let’s imagine the following situation: a Polish citizen Jan Kowalski has worked in Great Britain for several years and is now coming back to Poland. The only documentation he has is his tax returns in English. If he wants to settle down in Poland, continue his work and create earnings history in our country, he has no way but to get certified translation (English to Polish) of his British tax documentation. If Polish fiscal authorities are unable to comprehend his P45 form meaning, there is little chance he will be able to maintain continuity of his employment after moving back to Poland.

Tax returns in the United Kingdom – many different forms

Tax documentation in the United Kingdom includes a variety of forms such as p45 and p60. But what do these tax codes mean?

P60 certificate explained: when p60 is issued and where to obtain this statement?

This tax code refers to an end-of-year certificate issued by your current employer showing the amount of your earnings together with tax paid in the last tax year. This statement is helpful in obtaining a tax refund. Do you need to have p45 explained as well? What is p45 in UK? What does p45 stand for?  Keep on reading our article to find out what p45 means and when p45 is issued!

Code p45: where to find it and what information does it contain?

P45 tax code refers to a document which you obtain from your employer when you leave your job. It shows the amount of tax paid in a given tax year until a moment of leaving your employment. But which part of p45 goes to new employer and consequently, needs to be translated? Once you start a new job, you need to provide your new employer with Part 2 or Part 3 of p45 form. Depending on your choice, a sworn translator may produce a translation of the entire document or selected fragments only.

Difference between p45/p60 codes

Many people ask themselves, what is the difference between p45/p60 forms. To put it briefly, p60 certificate is given only at the end of the tax year by your current employer. On the other hand, p45 is given every time you leave your employment regardless of how many times you change your job in a given year.

Tax returns – translation of documents from Polish into English

Companies conducting international business activity can be obliged to submit tax returns in various countries. In such a case, translation of PIT form into English or other foreign language can be useful in satisfying the requirements of fiscal administration officers.

People who worked in Poland and who move to an English-speaking country will also need to translate their tax returns. A certified translation (Polish to English) will enable you to submit these documents in English in a target country tax office. Wait, but…

Why certified translation?

To start with, we must emphasise that there is a legal requirement imposing an obligation to submit a certified translation of your tax documents, if issued in a foreign language. Many people speak English and theoretically, they could make their translations by themselves.

Moreover, a certified translator is a professionalist who obtained a license to practice the profession of a sworn translator and interpreter. His/her translation of documents from English into Polish and from Polish into English is deemed reliable and legally valid in both countries. Such translation is an accurate and faithful version of the original document. In case of tax documents precision and correctness are crucial and certified translation is definitely recommended.

PIT – a demanding translation

Translation of documents from English into Polish and from Polish into English is a task that requires knowledge of both languages. When it comes to tax returns from the USA, these documents also require understanding of the differences between fiscal systems in both countries. Errors or inaccuracies can lead to misunderstanding or even legal consequences. Therefore, if you need:

– p60 certified translation in Polish or English,
– PIT translation in any language pair configuration,
– PIT translation into English or from English into Polish,

– p45/p46 translation,
– or any other tax documentation in English,

ordering a certified translation will guarantee your safety and peace of mind. And remember:

“There are cheaper options for ordering certified translation services. London is the city where you can find a stationary sworn translator, but why not look for online translation services in Poland?”


In the field of tax and fiscal administration, accuracy and reliability are essential; thus, it is worth entrusting the task with professionals who have the required qualifications and experience. A certified translation of PIT is not only a guarantee of correct and reliable translation. Thanks to a certified translation, you will also avoid possible problems and legal consequences. In this area, a recommended sworn translator in Wrocław (but also working online) is Jacek Kasprzyk and his Office of a Sworn Translator of the English Language. This specialist is not only a well‑educated English philologist, but also a lawyer. If you want to learn more about his offer, visit his official website at: https://www.tlumaczenia-kasprzyk.pl/en/services

Jacek Kasprzyk

Sworn Translator of the English Language in Wrocław, Poland