If you are starting a new job abroad, translate this document

Documents connected with employment play a key role in each person’s professional life. They constitute official confirmation of employment history containing information about job position, period of work and achievements. For many persons it is not only a substantial official document but also a proof of skills and experience. But what happens if you move abroad or seek employment in another country? In such cases, an employee frequently needs certified translations of documents, and more specifically, a translation of a proof of employment letter (also known as certificate of employment). Find out why it is so important.

What is an employment certificate?

A certificate of employment is an official certificate issued by the employer confirming the employee’s employment in a given company or institution. Usually, it contains key information such as the employer’s name, position, period of employment, description of duties, authenticating signature. Having a foreign proof of employment letter, it is best to entrust a sworn translator with translation of this document.

When do I need a translation of my employment certificate?

Needless to say, Polish employment certificate will be neither understandable nor useful abroad. If you plan to work abroad, you will probably need to provide a certified translation of a proof of employment letter for the purpose of confirming your professional experience before a foreign employer or other institution, e.g. employment agency. In case of migration and applying for a visa, English version of a proof of employment letter can be required by offices as a part of your application documentation. Thus, if you want to study abroad or apply for foreign scholarship, you will be asked to deliver certified translations of documents into English which will be then filed in candidate’s documentation. During conclusion of trading agreements or international contracts, foreign proof of employment letter will be incomprehensible for a local employer. Certified translations of documents can constitute a proof of confirming qualifications and experience of the employee.

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Why do we need certified translations of documents for work?

It is not always obvious what type of translation is suitable in a given situation. Let us dispel your doubts in this respect. A certified translation of a proof of employment letter is a correct solution as it provides a customer with certainty and legality of service. A sworn translator is officially authorised by relevant authorities to translate documents which can be considered reliable and legitimate. A certificate of employment is an official document which after being translated can be accepted by offices, institutions and employers as a reliable source of information.

Translation of employment documents – summary

If you want to present your proof of employment letter abroad, having it translated into English is a fast and easy way to establish international professional contacts. Thanks to certified translations delivered by our office, you can rest assured that your professional experience will be properly understood and appreciated around the world. Perhaps your situation is reverse? Do you have a certificate of employment from England or other documents confirming work abroad? Or perhaps you need yet another English to Polish document translation? We can also help here because the Office of the Sworn Translator and Interpreter Jacek Kasprzyk specialises in sworn translation services both from English into Polish as well as from Polish into English.

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