Medical document translation – hospital discharge summary (medical history report)

Why do you need a hospital discharge summary in Poland? What is the purpose of ordering translation of your medical history into English? Why is it worth to entrust medical translation of this particular document to a sworn translator? Where can I find a hospital discharge letter template?

What is a discharge from hospital (meaning) in Poland?

A hospital discharge summary in Poland, also known as medical history report or epicrisis, contains information pertaining to the course of patient’s hospitalisation. This document is important because it includes detailed information about patient’s health condition and enables other medical institution or specialist to continue the provision of medical care thanks to maintaining continuity of medical history.

When it comes to continuation of medical care in other institution, a patient discharge letter from hospital is useful for physicians who can continue the treatment once the patient is discharged from a hospital. Therefore, it is important for medical history to contain clear and precise information. A specific example is treatment in a foreign medical institution when the patient needs a hospital discharge letter in English.

Remote hospital discharge summary?

Nowadays, a hospital discharge summary can also be obtained remotely, a proof of which is  “Latawiec” hospital in Świdnica which provides its patients with seven electronic services:

A downloaded document constitutes a fully-fledged letter containing all indispensable data, based on which an internationally acceptable epicrisis can be drawn up in English.

Hospital discharge letter in English

In what situations do we need to have a hospital discharge letter (UK) translated into English? Generally speaking, this will involve international medical situations. Do you intend to continue your treatment or general medical care abroad? If you, as a patient, provide a document translated into English, communication with physicians and medical personnel in other country will be easier. If you plan to visit a physician in an English-speaking country, providing a physician with your medical records translation into English will help him/her understand your medical history. And if you want to find out about the most common pieces of information included in a typical discharge letter – hospital discharge letter templates along with precise instructions can be found online easily.

Certified translation (sworn translation) of medical documents

Even if it is not explicitly required by the regulations, it is worth entrusting translation of an epicrisis to a sworn translator for several reasons referred to hereinbelow. If you need to have a hospital discharge letter translated from Polish into English, a sworn translator will provide a reliable version of this document acknowledged by medical institutions. Contrary to any freelance medical translator who is not listed in the Register of Sworn Translators and Interpreters kept by the Ministry of Justice, a sworn translator is a person who practices a profession of public trust. This means that a sworn translator guarantees faithfulness of a translation and reliability in performing his/her work.

Additionally, if medical document translation services are needed under legal or insurance procedures, a certified (sworn) translation (UK-based companies often ask for this particular type of translation) can be required in order to maintain compliance with legal regulations.


A hospital discharge summary and its translation into English are vital in order to continue provision of medical care, in particular in an international environment. A certified translation of medical documents guarantees professionalism, compliance with the original text and complete confidentiality. If you live in the Lower Silesia and want to order medical translation services, Wrocław is a city where you can find appropriate specialist in the field of medical translations. You are more than welcome to order sworn translation services in the Office of the Sworn Translator and Interpreter of the English Language, Jacek Kasprzyk. Our medical translation company offers official translation of documents (UK, EU and Poland). We guarantee that our translation services (medical, business, legal and technical) will meet your expectations!

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