Translation of medical documents – medical test results

What are medical test results? What does this document give us and how to interpret it? Finally, when do we need to have medical test results translated from Polish into English?

What are medical test results?

This is one of documents used in medical diagnostics providing precise information pertaining to the patient’s health status, issued after completion of a given stage of medical procedures. These valuable data are derived from various laboratory tests, imaging tests or physical examinations conducted by medical personnel. Once we obtain them, we can get a comprehensive picture of our health which allows to detect potential problems early. Furthermore, a physician showing the patient his/her test results can explain the patient’s current health condition in an easy and clear manner, pointing out to specific data.

Storage of test results

Storing test results is vital both from the patient’s as well as the attending physician’s perspective. It is not only documentation archiving, but also a tool for monitoring changes over time and analysing health trends. It also provides a reference point for future diagnoses and treatment. Contemporary IT systems facilitate management of entire database of all results, contributing to efficient health care. Thanks to these systems, access to data is facilitated. This means translating medical documents much faster. I will discuss this subject momentarily.

When do we need medical translation from Polish into English?

In a global society, mobility of the patients and international cooperation in the field of medicine make it necessary to translate medical documents for various languages, especially into English – the language of international communication. Situations in which translating medical documents into English is indispensable include among others international medical consultations, participation in clinical trials or transfer of medical history between countries. When in need of a medical translation service, one has to find a reliable service provider among many medical translation companies offering medical document translation services in the local market in Wroclaw.

Why is it worth choosing sworn translation of medical documents?

Translation of medical documents is a task requiring not only proficiency in a given foreign language, but also precise medical knowledge. Therefore, it is worth entrusting this task with a professional sworn translator who is also an experienced medical translator. Such translator possesses documents confirming his/her linguistic and translation qualifications, but also has vast experience, guaranteeing specialist extralinguistic knowledge. Precision of translation eliminates risk of interpretative errors which can lead to significant consequences in the context of diagnostics and treatment. Translation of medical examination test results is not only a matter of language, but also of the patient’s safety and effectiveness of health care. In this context, the Office of Sworn Translator and Interpreter of the English Language Jacek Kasprzyk located in Wroclaw offers medical translation services and ensures clarity and reliability of translation in such important area as healthcare.

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