Translation of accounting documentation: receipts and invoices

Translation of accounting documentation – mainly receipts and invoices – turns out to be crucial in several situations. Foreign language versions of these documents allow for communication between various tax and legal systems. Invoice and receipt translation is also vital in other areas, for instance in financing of medical procedures.

When do we need translations of accounting documents?

Health insurance

One of the most common reasons for which customers want to have their invoices translated is the need to document their insurance expenses.

If you want to have a medical procedure financed in Poland based on your insurance purchased abroad, you may be obliged to deliver an English invoice or cash register receipt. The insurance agency may also ask you for some details, such as purchase order (PO) number, invoice, meaning of particular items on the invoice or medical certificate confirming the need to undergo a surgery. In such situations accurate translation is necessary for acceptance of the documentation by an insurance institution.

Customs clearance

Documentation needed for customs clearance in case of trading in goods between two countries from outside the European Union includes several elements, the most important of which is commercial invoice. An invoice is a document containing information about the country of origin of goods and terms and conditions of purchase. At the moment of customs clearance, it is necessary to provide a Polish version of the import document (the original document most frequently issued by the Seller is an invoice in English) so the importer needs a professional to translate into Polish from English. Invoice translation allows for understanding of the document by customs clearance institution and ensures compliance with legal requirements.

Registration of a vehicle purchased abroad

If you want to register a vehicle purchased abroad, you will need to have several documents translated, such as vehicle registration card, agreement and invoice documenting the purchase. Certified translation (English to Polish) is an essential part of the vehicle registration process. Once you have all the required documents translated, you submit them with appropriate transport department. Accurate translation is indispensable for document processing and overall efficiency of administrative procedure, so don’t hesitate to contact a professional translator.

Proof and evidence

In English-speaking countries invoice for utilities frequently serves as confirmation of one’s address of residence. Also, if we want an invoice or receipt in English to be treated as evidence in tax, administration or court proceedings in Poland, we must deliver its certified translation (English to Polish). And vice versa, if you want to prove that you have been staying for some longer period in Poland, it is a good idea to provide certified translation (Polish to English) of your electricity, Internet or mobile phone bills.

Why are certified translations recommended?

Complexity of invoices

The level of complexity of information included in invoices from a translator’s perspective is not immediately obvious. Invoices are usually associated with simple documents. Nevertheless, some elements can require precise selection of vocabulary, in particular when tax or legal terminology is concerned. The difference between invoice and receipt (UK-based clients may find it somehow elusive) is quite relevant, especially for fiscal authorities.  When difficult tax terms (e.g. second-hand margin scheme) or legal terms (business terms and conditions) occur in an invoice, only a translator who is familiar with the local legal system can translate such document from English into Polish accurately.

And last but not the least: Is there a universal translation invoice template? No, there isn’t. Simply because companies use different invoicing programmes.

Recommended translator

If you are in need of an invoice translation from Polish into English (or from English into Polish), the Office of a Sworn Translator of the English Language, Jacek Kasprzyk is a place highly recommended to everyone looking for a professional approach to translation of their accounting documentation. With many years of experience in certified translation of documents, this translator guarantees not only reliability of presentation of the translated text, but also reasonable prices and short delivery periods. In the digital era, the openness to online cooperation, including convenient shipping and return of documents is an additional asset. Cooperation with a professional sworn translator (Polish to English and English to Polish) guarantees compliance of the documents with formal requirements. If you’re looking for a reliable English to Polish translation service, contact us at once.

PS> And, of course, you will receive our invoice for translation services.

Jacek Kasprzyk, Sworn Translator of the English Language in Wrocław, Poland

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